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Carlos Herrera

Carlos Herrera is a video game enthusiast. He has been linked to these in a personal, professional and academic way, managing to consolidate several projects around the subject. He worked in companies such as Gaming Culture in which as Technology Manager he was in charge of coordinating the development team that implemented several portals dedicated to video games such as ETB; At the Mankala Studio company -of which he was the founder- he designed and produced video game prototypes with local themes, such as Libertad: video game focused on the Colombian liberation campaign (https://youtu.be/0zYT1OOCE6k).

In recent years he has devoted himself to the academic study of video games with two research works: first, a thesis that explores video games as a means of communication: “Space Invaders in the Gutenberg Galaxy” http://carlosherrera.co/ tesis / Tesis_Carlos_Herrera.pdf and currently as a Master in Digital Humanities at the University of Los Andes, where she is conducting research on how the representation of Colombian cultural identity is being made in videogames (http://identidadyvideojuegos.carlosherrera.co/).

To learn more about Carlos: carlosherrera.co/

Jorge Hernández

Jorge Hernández lives by and for stories. Colombian journalist and librettist, he has worked as an editor for media such as El Tiempo, El Espectador and Esquire Magazine, as well as specialized technology magazines such as Canal Informático, Entrepreneur Magazine and Gamers-On Magazine. He has also been a studio script writer for channels such as ESPN and RCN. Featured as one of the winners of the first Science Fiction Short Story Contest on Sciences of Colciencias and Editorial Planeta of 2019, he is also the author of “Kill the YouTuber”, his first novel.

It has also generated specific content strategies on radio and television with entities such as the Ministry of Communications (Enlace project), the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá (UCPI), the Javeriana University and the Public Media System (Signal Memory of Signal Colombia), among others. .

To learn more about Jorge: jcolilla.com/